Fashion Installation for Muslin Brothers

Design and production of an installation for the Israeli fashion duo, Muslin Brothers, as part of the Jerusalem Design Week.

Located in an empty post office building, the room was filled with seventy jackets, each hung on an individual metal hanger. The walls were covered with birch plywood sheets, hiding the windows to create a clean canvas for the gradient light fixture. In this installation, the exhibition visitors were the models and were given jackets to wear while walking around in the exhibition halls.

The designers wanted to hang the jackets with ropes high from the ceiling so that they will be close enough to the visitors but only the operating staff would be able to take them off the hangers and hand out to visitors. Unfortunately, this wasn't possible within the space, budget and time constraints.

My challenge was to find a way to bring their vision to life, in a realistic way, within those constraints.

Working with a local welder, I came up with an idea for low cost, fast to produce metal hangers. Made of long and thin steel rods with a heavy and wide steel base — these hangers were stable but flexible so that they could be bended down in order to take off the high hanging jackets. The floor was covered in sand, just enough to cover the bases.

Using the individual pre-made hangers, no extra drilling or fixing was needed and so, we were able to substantially reduce the setting up time needed for the installation.

Photos 1-5 by Elad Sarig
Photos 6-7 by Dor Kedmi