Liberté Living Lab - Paris

Furniture design for Liberté Living Lab workspace in Paris. Work in collaboration with Perron et Frères.

Liberté Living Lab is a shared workspace that brings together over 200 french and international residents: Startups, large companies, researchers, students, artists and more.

Our friends at Perron et Frères were commissioned by LLL to design the interiors of their 7 floor building in the heart of Paris. Additionally, they were asked to provide custom made furniture for the space.

Perron et Frères asked us to design large communal tables, benches and stools. Once our designs were approved by the client, we went forward to choose materials and finishes with PEF, who were going to eventually produce everything in their workshop. For the tables and benches, we chose to work with the locally sourced French Alder — midrange quality and warm looking wood.
The tables were meant to fill up a wide open space and sit 6-8 people. Working at this scale, we had to be sure that the structure was solid enough. We built a 1:1 table in our Tel Aviv studio to test on.

Our modular stools, were a perfect match for this project since they were designated for a multipurpose hall and PEF built 150 units for LLL.

Photos 1-3 by Alexandra Mocanu